Early Warning Signs Of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is something which very few people think about or are aware of. The truth is cancer can come in a variety of forms and it can affect the body in so many ways. It’s important that you’re able to spot the signs quickly enough so that action can be taken, get help with cancer, and hopefully overcome the illness. Unfortunately for most, they do not know the warning signs of colon cancer so it’s might be best to be aware of them. Read on to find out the early warning signs of colon cancer.

A Rapid Loss of Weight

Have you been losing weight recently? Have you been on a diet and, if so, how much weight have you lost exactly? First and foremost, if you start to notice a change in your weight, you need to keep a very close eye on it. Even when you have been exercising, you shouldn’t be losing weight at a rapid speed as it’s not good. There might be a serious problem somewhere and, in truth, it is an early warning sign of colon cancer. It’s important to keep an eye on your weight until you can get an appointment with a doctor and note, if you can, how much weight you’ve lost.

Changes to the Bowel Habits

When there is a problem with the colon, there is usually a problem with your bowel movements and habits. For example, you can be using the restroom far more than you have before, even though you are drinking and eating in the same manner as always. If this is the case, it’s an early indication something is wrong in your colon and needs to be seen immediately. Also, not being able to go to the bathroom can be worrying, especially if you are consuming a lot of water and unable to go.

Changes to Your Movements

Do you find you are plagued with more diarrhea or constipation? For some, they can find an early warning for colon cancer is constipation or for others, diarrhea. Sometimes, it can be switching from one to the other. It can all become a little confusing because people can have one or both for a variety of reasons. Some may have been a little ill in terms of a cold and have eaten something that hasn’t agreed with them. However, you need to keep a very close eye on your movements and act when things change rapidly as it isn’t normal.  Know more about this.

Bleeding From the Rectal Area or Having Blood in Their Stool

Bleeding should not occur when you go to the bathroom. People think a bit of blood in their stool is nothing to be concerned with but it really is. Also, when you bleed from the rectal area something isn’t right and you need to contact a doctor. Women so often mistake blood in their stool because they’ve recently had their period or because they think they’re getting one but again it’s suspicious and action should be taken. It’s good to check even if it’s nothing serious; it can put your mind at ease and doctors prefer you see them then leave the problem to get worse.

Discomfort to the Stomach

Cramps in the abdominal area can be as a result of a number of things. For instance, women often get these when they have a period but it isn’t usually normal to get them when they haven’t. Cramping, discomfort and bloating are worrying signs and often early signs of colon cancer. What’s more, feeling as though you need to go to the bathroom even though you’ve just been is worrying. Any changes of any kind to your stool and bowel movements should be examined.

Spot the Signs and Get Help

Colon cancer is extremely worrying and something millions face on a daily basis. It has become necessary to look out for the early warning signs and act on them quickly. This will be the simplest way to get your body checked out and if there is a problem, to treat it quickly. Cancer can be difficult to face but if detected early, anything is possible. Fight back against cancer.


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