Questions On Colon Cancer

Every single human being dreads the day they are given the news they have cancer. Sitting in a doctor’s office and being told about the condition is frightening and life-changing and, for many, it’s all too much for them to bear. Colon cancer is one form of cancer that affects millions throughout the world and for many, they have so many questions about it. The following are just a few simple questions you may want to ask.

Is It Treatable?

Many forms of cancer are treatable. If cancer is caught early enough, there is every opportunity to take action and fight against it, tooth and nail. However, it’s important to note that if cancer is not detected early enough and it is allowed to spread, it may be extremely harder to treat. Colon cancer is a very serious form of cancer but remember every individual is different. Some may see the early warning signs and others do not; it’s very tough to notice subtle changes to your body and, in all honesty, some dismiss them as normal parts of life. It is important to remember that many forms of cancer are treatable, including colon cancer but for your case, in particular, you need to speak to your doctor or surgeon. They are the best people to talk to you about this.


How Sick Will I Get?

Depending on the course of treatment which is provided you can feel moderately sick. For instance, if you go through chemotherapy or radiotherapy then that can take a lot out of you. Some can experience sickness for days, sometimes weeks after the initial treatment and it’s a tough road ahead. However, in terms of how bad it’ll be, again it will vary. The truth is everyone reacts differently to different treatments. There are some who find they only feel a little tired after their treatment days while others are very sick; it can vary. Read the top article!

What Are The Survival Rates?

Research is occurring every single day and improvements and breakthroughs are also being made on a daily basis which gives far more hope than ever before. Survival rates for cancer are almost 50-50 at times and while it’s not the news you want, it’s important to understand it. Realistically, you have every chance of fighting cancer and hopefully overcoming it. If you’re able to detect it early enough and take action right away then you have the best opportunity of getting the best treatments. Even if it’s not detected right away, there is still the possibility you will overcome cancer. Again, every individual case is different and your doctor is the best person to speak to on such matters.

Fight Back

Being given dreadful news such as cancer can be indescribable and for some, they simply do not know how to react. It’s understandable because until you personally have been put in that position you don’t know how to react. If you have questions about treatments or about the condition, in general, it’s important to talk to a doctor or a cancer support group to try and get the answers you want. You are not alone. Don’t be afraid to fight back.

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