What You Can Do For An Anal Cancer Patient

The 2017 Anal Cancer Symposium had attendees from the medical field, patients, and their loved ones. When you know someone with cancer, it can also be overwhelming for you. As a friend or family member, you want to help out. But how can you do that? Asking them may not be the best course of action as they may not know as well.

Instead, here are some concrete ways you can show your support for your loved one during these trying times.

Spend Some Quality Time With Them

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A cancer diagnosis can be scary to deal with alone. Make sure to find quality time to spend with them. Look for activities that aren’t so strenuous. You can go to the theater to watch a movie or screen one at their home. It matters to show that you’re still there and enjoy being around them.

But always be mindful of their limits. Cancer patients will often feel fatigued, especially for those who undergo treatment. Be present but also learn to let them rest when they need to.

Offer To Be There During A Session

For those who go through chemotherapy or other medical treatments, trips to the hospital can be tiring emotionally and physically. Although some won’t admit it, they can experience anxiety over appointments.

It helps if you’re physically there to support them during these trips. You can also offer to drive them there so they can feel more at ease. Additionally, pay attention to and take note of what the doctors say during these appointments. The patient may not have a clear memory after treatment.

Help Them With Chores

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Chores can be demanding for everyone. It’s especially challenging when you’re experiencing the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of treatment. So why not offer to help your loved ones with their chores? Even something as small as cooking a meal for them can be helpful. Other tasks you can offer to help with are doing the groceries, tidying up the room, picking up kids from school, and walking the dog. Help keep the household smoothly running for them.


We all want to support our loved ones during trying times. Their comfort and happiness are top priorities when it comes to helping them out. Whether it’s doing something to cheer them up or freeing time and energy, your help can go a long way.

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