Looking After Yourself While There Is Still A Global Health Crisis

Raise your hand if you believe that life isn’t fair.

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I can say it with conviction as I think of every cancer patient across the globe. Cancer is not the most straightforward condition, considering the number of affected cells is almost insignificant at first. That is especially true for blood, ovarian, or brain cancer. Thus, the symptoms may only manifest when it is already at a critical stage, and then the patients have no other option but to get expensive treatment or pray for a miracle.

What’s makes matters worse for cancer patients these days is the threat of having COVID-19. There may no longer be a single person on the planet who does not know how much trouble it can put anyone in. If healthy folks get infected by the coronavirus and need a ventilator to survive, how will the individuals with pre-existing conditions fare?

Well, I am not an expert on either disease, so I cannot and will not offer medical advice. Still, it does not entail that I am forbidden to share as a friend how you can look after yourself while there is a global health crisis.

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Avoid Going Out 

The first thing you should do is avoid going out of the house. Its four walls not only protect you against natural disasters now but also keep you from catching the virus. The more you leave the place, the more you may come across a coronavirus carrier.

Considering your alibi is that you need to get chemotherapy or no one can buy groceries for you, it is not acceptable at this time. After all, you may ask your doctor to let you do oral chemotherapy to continue the treatment at home. As for your essentials, most retail stores already have online marketplaces where you can order food and other supplies and deliver them at your doorstep.

Sleep A Lot

Sleep is undoubtedly one of the most effective medicines that a doctor can ever prescribe. Sleeping helps your body repair damaged cells and wash away your fatigue, so you tend to feel energized as soon as your eyes open.

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Cancer patients must sleep longer than others for various reasons, such as:

  • It can keep you from thinking about leaving the house.
  • You need to strengthen your immunity to beat the odds of catching the coronavirus.
  • Worrying about COVID-19 while you are awake may aggravate your existing condition.

Eat Well

Getting chemotherapy sessions cannot be the best activity ever to try. It hurts to feel the needle go under your skin at least twice a week; you may not even have the energy or appetite to eat.

Despite that, now is the perfect time to push yourself to eat healthily. Like sleep, healthy eating may help you dodge or withstand the symptoms of COVID-19, even if you have cancer. And if you cannot make the dish, you can always have salads and other foods delivered at home.

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Final Thoughts

Based on what’s happening in the world, it does not seem like the health crisis will not clear off sooner than we all want. The coronavirus does not care how many lives it has already taken—it intends to continue infecting people until every man, woman, or child has the disease.

Nonetheless, you may not be able to see the pandemic end if you do not look after yourself now. The worst-case scenario is that you catch the coronavirus, experience severe symptoms of COVID-19, and join the stars in the sky at night. 

In case you are still not ready to meet our maker yet, you should stay at home and eat and sleep well. Leave the worrying job to the authorities and just focus on your health. Good luck!

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